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‘Semblance’ questions photography’s role within art. Its ironic mimicry of artistic techniques creates a loss of reference to the practise it belongs. In turn it subtly evokes a conversation of not only the artists hand within art, but the spectators declaration of what is deemed art. 

Student Evaluation

At first the idea of doing an exhibition in second term felt unhelpful and irrelevant however now that I’ve done it I have learnt a lot. I have learnt from my own practice and through that new interests have arisen that will be helpful for third year and my dissertation.


Semblance as a project has come along way from its beginning. Still now I am digging deeper and finding more about it. I always find after I have handed in my work I slowly understand what the project meant to me and what it was doing and I think this is the same case with ‘Semblance’.  When I hung the prints in the gallery it gave me a new perspective on them and opened up new routes to explore.


In the latter weeks of the project Duchamp came a large influence on how I was deciphering Semblance. Duchamp comments on the relationship between the artist and the spectator excites me and how the spectator in a sense authenticates art. ‘art is a product of two poles; there’s the pole of the one who makes the work and the pole of the one who looks at it’ Pc, p. 70.


I have found doing a research blog an unexpected success. I feel I have found it easier to compile all my thoughts and changes within my project. Instead of forgetting to print out and write down something the blog allowed me to instantly upload what I was thinking. It is something that I will carry on using for future projects.


The act of seeing my work in physical form and situated in a gallery environment has been exciting and always a great experience. It’s odd how we produce imagery and rarely see it sitting in its finished environment and viewed by a large group.  I’ve enjoyed the gallery environment a lot and maybe something that I would like to be part of in some way in the future.


I think if I had to do it again I would of changed the edit and maybe just done two prints large scale (banana and tree) but apart from that I’m happy with the project as a whole.


"Since the tubes of paint used by artists are manufactured and ready-made products we must conclude that all paintings in the world are ‘readymade aided’ and also works of assemblage’"

— A propos of Readymades, in SS, p. 142. 

"After all, the public represents half of the matter; art is also made through the admiration one has for it; the masterpiece is declared in the final analysis by the spectator"

— Duchamp, interview by Chanbonnier, RTF, 1961, and PC, p. 39. (via alexdixon123)

Install shot
Woo Prints came

Prints came!! The C type metallic work perfectly with the imagery. Now I move on to the next stage of the project.

Prints came!! The C type metallic work perfectly with the imagery. Now I move on to the next stage of the project.